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yesterday’s post had more typos and messed up information. My only excuse is that I was interrupted about 50 times as I wrote it. Last night I reread it and I think I need to clarify a couple of things. Custom Cookies is actually on 3rd Street, not 4th. My 20D that is for sale is actually a third camera and not the camera that’s in the shop. I’m keeping my 5D that is currently in the shop…it will be my new backup : ) Sorry for the misinformation. It’s all cleared up now.

I need to update photography scheduling information today too. I am filling up very quickly for senior photos. With Fremont High’s deadline being the first week of December, the time is short. I hope to have local senior sessions wrapped up by the last week of October so that I have time to edit. I still have plenty of openings in September and October, and a few in August if you are flexible and can do a weekday session. Evenings and most weekend slots are full in August.

Also, there’s an opportunity to schedule a session if you live in the Minneapolis area. I will be available for a session on Sunday, September 19. I have one session scheduled already, but I’d love to do another. Just email me at if you would like information.

I’m still planning to be in the St Louis MO area in September and hoping to get one more session in the San Fernando Valley too. Just let me know if you are interested!

Last weekend, I took photos of my cousin Kelly’s family. Kelly was married to my cousin Kevin, who was killed in a car accident years ago. He was a great guy…I know that my dad really respected him, thus my respect for him. I just remember my dad always talking about Kevin’s work ethic. He was a dairy farmer and took it very seriously. So Kelly has done an amazing job with the kids and has also made huge efforts to keep Kevin’s family, including me involved in their lives. Her husband Larry is a great guy, super laidback about having all of us around.

img_2785-web Kelly with her three kids, Clint, Erika and Ehren. Seeing this photo, I can’t believe how much Erika looks like Kelly!

img_2688-web This is Ehren and his wife Sara’s baby girl Kennedy. My favorite shot of the day.

img_2707-web You may remember Cassidy from last summer-


She now has a potential modeling career in Florida. I could see that coming!

img_2713-web My aunt Jean with 3 of her great granddaughters.


img_2742-web After shooting some images at the park, we drove to Kelly’s and when I pulled in the driveway, I seriously freaked! Kevin’s 63 1/2 Ford Galaxy, which I remember from when i was a kid, was sitting there! Clint and Ehren have it now, which I think is so, so cool! I love classic cars. I love the look and the low rumble of the big engines.




I had a blast with my aunt and cousins!

Have a great day everybody and God bless!

Megan - Love the shot of Kennedy in the grass- and the one in the car. My husband has made me appreciate old cars, and I now love them- though we are mopar fans. 🙂

Kelly - Thanks for the great pics! We can’t wait to see the rest.
Clint & Katja hope to see you in Seattle.

Patti Mullican - Hi, Becky! Please email me if you still have time for us when you come to St. Louis. I never heard back and I wasn’t sure. Thanks!

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