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a few things to share….

first of all, thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday! i’m so excited to be on jenni’s team! it’s really a dream team for me. and thanks for sharing what has you excited! i loved hearing your thoughts.

yesterday, i mentioned that i was getting a pedicure at our friend heidi’s new salon. i love to see people follow their dreams and see them come to be. heidi obviously had a vision and saw it through. one of the coolest things… seriously. so inspiring!


she had the stations custom made by park avenue antiques. i thought that was a brilliant idea. she said not only was she able to get exactly what she wanted, but they were much more cost effective than buying them from the mass produced salon supply place. sometimes it pays to check out your custom options. plus, i love to support local artisians.



she did the floor treatment herself. i love the way it looks!


i spent a glorious hour and a half in this baby! my feet and legs from the knee down feel amazing! she used about 6 or more different potions! i know i was exfoliated, scrubbed, masked and moisturized…lots of massaging. as i wrote yesterday, i really appreciate great attention to detail and customer service. i definitely got it at bella. oh and since i love bargains too, she is offering 1/2 off ALL services until the end of the month! here’s the info: bella salon & spa, 402.721.1880, it’s located at 408 e 1st st in fremont. right by dr jack’s tattoo, where tom and jamie got their first tats! i hope that this is the beginning of many successful and fulfilling years for heidi in her new venture!

and another thing. my shows. they are all coming to an end. all my reality shows. tom is so happy. here are a couple of thoughts. please feel free to share your thoughts too:

survivor: this is the one show that tom watches with me : ) we were happy jt won. the night coach was voted off, we cheered! i liked sierra, taj, brendan and jt. i think the reason i liked sierra was because she was so raw and i think real. i know she probably wasn’t that well liked by many. i always like an underdog, so that may have been part of it. also, ever since i’ve been the mom of adult kids, i see a vulnerability in people my kids ages that makes me tenderhearted toward them….even if they sort of bring a lot of trouble on themselves.

dancing: i tivo’d monday nights show and watched it as i was editing yesterday. i couldn’t believe my reaction to shaun and mark’s performance. i got teary-eyed! i hadn’t been a huge fan prior to monday night’s show. i was thrilled to see them win last night! i like mark. he was so over the top thrilled! i did love gilles too. hey and emmit was there last night : )

american idol: i’m not an adam fan. i liked him until he sang “ring of fire”. since i’m a johnny cash fan, that sort of traumatized me! i know he’s talented, i just wouldn’t buy his album. he screams, a lot. i loved danny. i will buy his album. love chris too. i hope he wins!

i guess that’s it. i tivo’d bachlorette.  haven’t watched yet. tom hates that show. i know i should hate it too. hey, i’m not perfect, far from it!

i took photos of sweet lilly last week. her parents are friends of kirby and amber….and she’s our little addie’s buddy. how could i not have a soft heart toward her? her eyes are HUGE!




lily-fam-104-web Her Best Move film



the last one is my very favorite from the shoot! i just can’t stop looking at it! it’s great to spend time photographing a family so full of love! i love how they love their baby girl!

*edit* today is lilly’s 2nd birthday! happy birthday lilly!

God bless you!

tara pollard pakosta - what an awesome salon!
I really need to have that done for my feet. UGH> they are so bad that I would be embarrassed to go there LOL!
what great photos!
sweet girl!

Auntie Jaynee - Hi Dolly! The pics are great! Enjoy your day.

Lisa - Great pictures, what a cute little girl. I love the ponytail picture 😉

Dawn - Ooo. I love the one by the puddle & the last one equally. So sweet!

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