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a day in the life…

rather than a week in the life! That’s what Tara and I decided to try. We’ll do a week in the life another time, maybe this summer? So far, I’ve photographed my Bible on my lap and my computer screen with a bowl of oatmeal in front of it. Sophie was sleeping on my lap as I was doing my devotions, but she jumped off when I reached for the camera. ┬áHer snoozing as I read has been the habit for many years. I hate that she is getting old and that we won’t always have our little routines. With her many close calls and more than 9 lives, who knows, maybe she’ll outlive me!

I know that documenting my daily life will most likely be a little boring, but I still think it’s important to do it. It will be interesting for me to look back on, and someday, I think my family may enjoy it. I know that it would mean the world to me to be able to take a look at my Gram’s daily life right now.

It’s so easy to take daily life for granted. Right now, we have an aunt, an uncle and a cousin who are going through extremely difficult things, and I know that they are NOT taking the simple joys of daily life for granted. I am so proud of my cousin for taking the tough steps he’s taking to be healthy. I’m also thankful that he has such an awesome support system of people around him. Life is unpredictable, isn’t it? That is exactly why I need God to be a part of my daily life. So that when things get weird, I can trust that He will get me through it.

This past weekend, our sale went great! I dropped one box off at Goodwill and kept another small box, but everything else sold! Thanks to those of you who came via my blog! After the sale I went directly to the loft to take prom photos. It’s always fun to see everyone in their gorgeous dresses and tuxes. As tired as I was, I felt inspired and got right into taking photos!

Trev & Lauren-





img_8998-web Leah came along to watch, so of course, I had to get a shot of her with her big bro.

It’s hard to believe that the baby boy I saw come into this world is a grown man! I’m so proud of both Trev and Leah.



Lauren has become my bud. She helps me out a couple of times a week and I have grown to love her more every week! She is so understanding and calm. and so BRIGHT! I heard through the grapevine that she was awarded the Regents Scholarship…but she’s so humble, I’ll have to ask her about it! Plus, she’s gorgeous.

David & Angel

img_9065-web We go to the same church with David & Angel. They are there faithfully even the day after prom! I respect that.

I’ve never seen Angel look more beautiful!



Keith & Jacqui


img_9145-web Their connection is super sweet!


Keith’s mom is my sushi bud. Sushi with Suzy. She’s pretty much my hero….check out her blog here.

Josh & Leslie

img_9238-grunge-web These two looked STUNNING!


img_9280-web Josh’s parents are Jamie and Donna, our dear friends who I write about quite often…Donna and Suzi are both part of the group of friends who I dared encouraged to start blogs. Donna updated hers (finally!) yesterday. Click here to read her update. This post is exactly what I would think of Donna writing…very practical, with her love for her family shining through. I want her to share some of her great recipes too!

I can’t share these blog links without including Kandy and Kathy. Kandy became an ordained Pastor this past week! She has done 2 blog posts and I expect that her blog will continue to be very real life, with practical Biblical application. Kathy’s blog is just exactly what I expected it to be. You have to read…it will make you laugh out loud! I just read her post about her grandma and even though I’ve heard the stories many times, they still make me laugh out loud!

Have a great Monday and God bless!

kathy - Oh I was hoping you had prom pics up! I love seeing them! They all look wonderful! How can everybody’s kids keep getting older and we keep getting younger!!??

tara pollard pakosta - ha. today is not my day to get pictures, although ava is home from school sick, so I have her here. HA> I think I will do tomorrow or wednesday! keep snapping! can’t wait to see your day! even though I think my days are way more boring LOL!!!!!!
LOVe these pix! so great!

Crystal - What gorgeous dresses the girls all have! You have a cool job :)) I did the week in my life project – it was fun. Looking forward to seeing your day in pictures. Happy Monday!

Sushi Suzy - Sure, now you can say Sushi with Suzy as long as you type it :p

Sushi Suzy - Oh and Becky…THANKS for posting all these pictures. I love to see all the girls’ dresses and the boys all dressed up!

Tammy - These are wonderful photos! These are sure good-looking kids!

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