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fhs dance team 2012-13. {beckynovacekphotography} Dance Team Photographer. Fremont Nebraska

No *b* list today, but check back tomorrow for a *b* list of my favorite summer reads. Oh how I love summer reads. Today, I’m super excited to be sharing dance team photos. Last year, I photographed the Fremont High School Dance Team and I was a little nervous; well more than a little. I knew I wanted to nail it, so I put a ton of pressure on myself. It ended up being creatively fulfilling, fun and exhausting! All good! This year, when Jamey contacted me, I was excited again, but this time my nervousness was based on keeping the standard high and not disappointing them. I am happy to say that I feel really good about this year’s results as well! These girls are seriously amazing. I can’t even handle my excitement about working with them! AND I have to say a big thank you to the team’s moms and sponsors. They are the BEST! We got to one location and I realized I had forgotten a chair. Two of them moms went back to the Loft and grabbed the lightweight chair I needed, as well as a huge vintage chair that is extremely heavy! They got it down the steps and back up again. I was impressed!

So last year, I knew the team needed a digital image of the group for media and sports programs, so I offered to give one of the digital images to them at no charge if the blog post received at least 50 comments. I want to do this again this year. So give this blog post a little love for the team!

This is a recreation of a shot from last year. I considered it a BIG experiment that worked. I left it up to the girls whether they wanted to recreate it and I’ll admit I was glad they did. I think we improved on it from a technical standpoint.

Changed up our alley shot with a smaller chalkboard. Thanks to Inger for the beautiful chalk work!

I sketched this idea about a month before the actual session. I think it works.

These girls are athletes. No doubt.

We got this on one take and we were pretty happy about it.

I could take jumping shots all day.

These two were trusting enough of my idea to go with it.


LOVE even more. Thanks to Vince and Kerstin O’Connor from Yankee Peddler West for offering this vintage megaphone. It’s for sale, so go grab it!

Pretty girls.

This girl is my instagram bud. She has a great creative eye! Thanks to Kurt and Connie Chudomelka from Uncle Sam’s (right below the Loft) for allowing us to use the cool vintage chair Sarah is sitting on : )

I am so blessed to get to photograph such lovely and talented subjects.

God bless your day!

Suzelle - Holy Smokes…..these are rockin’ !!!! All of the girls are just gorgeous and you captured ALL of it !!! The window shots are stunning.

Crystal - I can’t pick a favourite – they are all gorgeous and so unique! The double splits one is definitely a WOWSER! Great work, Becky, with a great cast of beautiful women. I’m happy to comment so you can get to 50 :))

kelly - YAY for creative photography that is SO far beyond the standard and boring “team shots”… I love them, Becky. You rocked it and so did the girls! πŸ™‚

Jamey - These look amazing!! Thanks so much, we all had a great time at the session! I love the team shots!

Courtney - now THAT looked like a fun shoot πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I love the silhouettes in the window…beautiful.

kelsey - these look amazing, we had so much fun too! all of the girls look so beautiful! thank you becky!!:)

Denise - These are fantastic!!!! I think you have a future in fashion photography. :).

Brenna - Thoes all look so amazing! It was so much fun to do them all! Thank you so very much Becky for them! πŸ™‚

melanie - so many amazing shots, B – way to go!

Katelyn - Everyone looks awesome! thanks so much becky! πŸ˜€

tara pollard pakosta - the one with the megaphone and the one below it are my absolute favorites! and the ones with the tongue sticking out!
great work b!

Margie R - Beautiful girls and beautiful photographs!

Vicki Chrisman - WOW… gorgeous shots Bec! I bet this was a fun shoot huh? Amazing!

Patti - Great photos. We like the team photo inside the studio best! Thank you Becky!

stefanie - Those look cool!

Angel - The shots look amazing again this year!!

Lori - Fun amazing shots again!!! Thank you Becky!

Lauren - so so so SO cute!

Annie - Very pretty.

Fudge - lookin’ good.

Terri - Wonderful pictures!

Marissa - These look so good! Can’t wait to see how all the other shots turned out! πŸ™‚

Hanna - can’t wait to see the rest!

Angie - Gorgeous pictures of beautiful young, athletic women! Good job all!!

Kelly_S_ - Beautiful photos!

Charlotte - It was so much fun to be there when you took these and to see them now is really GREAT! Can’t wait until they all are out πŸ™‚ Thank YOU BECKY for your generous time and creativity!

Jolene - Fantastic pictures! All the girls look great!

Mary Thomas - My niece Sarah is so photogenic. Love the photos.

Kristy - These are more amazing than last year! Thanks for putting up with us for so long!!

Diane Stevens - Such amazing pictures. I love the black and white ones!

Cindy Major - Those pictures look awesome! What a nice gesture to offer them a free picture in exchange for blog comments. Here’s one more!


Karen - Luv. Luv. Luv. Cant wait to see the rest

diane - I remember this shoot from last year. I commented then that it was one of my faves! This year’s is just as fantastic. Your work is gorgeous – as are the girls!

mariah - they turned out great and it was a blast posing for them(:

Reggie - great pics. i like the action shots

marcy - loved the photos can’t wait to see them all.

kathy rapp - great pics i love action shots everyone looks jadore

Camden - good pics girls.

Jaylen - I love the ones where they leap and jump! The pictures are awesome!

gayle olson - precious, darling girls and great shots! You nailed it.

Candice - Great photos! I would have loved killer photos like these when I was on the dance team in high school!

Jill T - Great pics! I remember being blown away by last year’s and these are equally good.

Mark Harman - Sush creative and well captured pictures. I’ve always admired your work!

lisa - awesome pics!!

Christin Graff - These are amazing!

Jen - Awesome!

Geoff - Well done! You are an incredible photographer!

Tammy - Amazing pictures, beautiful young ladies!

Julia - Awesome pictures!! Really enjoyed looking at them!,

Julia - Gorgeous pics! I actually recognize that megaphone from my cheer squad….guess 20 years ago does translate to antique!! πŸ™‚

Robin Johannssen - Beautiful images of very talented young women. You have an exceptional creative eye to capture these young ladies doing not only what they love but are destined to be in the future. Fabulous job!

Carolee - Stunning pictures!! Beautiful young women inside and out!

Mandy - These pics are Amazing and very original! I have never seen some of the poses with other photographers before! Great Work!

Pam - Loved the pictures… especially the silhouettes! Beautiful photography of a beautiful group of young ladies!

Tessie - What amazing pictures! Loved how you captured the girls personalities!

Jennifer M - You are so talented. These pictures are amazing!

Janice - These are some amazing pictures of these beautiful girls!! Love the pics and the amazing abilities these girls showed!

Curt J - Wonderful pictures of the dance team!

amy emery - Amazing!

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