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This past Friday, Lisa Truesdell/glue and I went on a very fun field trip of sorts. In January, we ran into Michelle Rubin from SBE at CHA, and made plans to go to Des Moines for a tour and “artist in residence” time in the crafts lab. I knew that it would be a great day, but it was so much better than I even anticipated! Here’s a little instagram collage of a few of the highlights:

Every time I run into Michelle at a tradeshow, I’m impressed with how easy she is to talk to, so it was no surprise that  she was such an awesome host for the day! We toured the impressive Meredith campus(very inspiring creative environment!), went to lunch with Michelle, Deb, Lindsey and Jennifer, then Michelle, Lisa and I stopped at a couple of fun shops, including Ephemera (photo of a vignette bottom left corner of collage). We came back to the office and Lisa did an informal presentation on her Project Life process. They have a group of PL ladies in the office who meet monthly to share and keep each other inspired to do PL. I was so pleased when Polly Maly walked in! I had no idea that she would be there and even though I’ve only met her a couple of times, I just think she is such a delightful person! We were on the same flight home from CHA a few years ago and I enjoyed chatting with her so much. On a sidenote, I know that right now, I simply can’t do PL, but if I decide that I can take it on in the future, I have lots of inspiration and ideas for it, thanks to Lisa! She does it so well! I was highly impressed. I do love the concept of PL and I think it’s awesome for documenting life. I threw in a couple of little photography ideas and it was a day! Lindsey did a blog post with highlights, which you can see here. The day went entirely too fast!

We just happened to take Tom’s truck on our little trip because one never knows if there will be the need to transport something large home. We planned to stop by Rescued Junk in Earlham on the way home, so we were prepared! This little shop is a must-see stop if you are in the Des Moines area. More on that in my *b* list. With my new and more disciplined self (thanks 30 bags/30 days), I have not been the buyer I once was. I still have needs because of the photography business, but I’m much more selective, so I left with just one little purchase this time…although I saw tons of things that I really liked and wanted…

I bought this little gem with a very specific purpose in mind. I’m taking Addie’s 5 year photos next week and I think it will be an adorable prop! After that, we shall see! So that is my little wrap-up of our fabulous day at the Meredith Corporation Office and road trip! It was such a great getaway with a good friend and good conversation and inspiration. I came home ready to get creative!

I’ve been planning this *b* list for a long time. I kept putting it off for some reason, but today is the day I am finally sharing some of my favorite junking destinations. I think I’m somewhat reluctant to share this, because for so long, I had the mentality of keeping my favorite spots secret. Now I realize that if you want your favorite spots to stay in business, you need to promote them. Right?

*b* list of thrifting faves.


  • Estate Dispersal Store. I’ve mentioned EDS many times on my blog, but I just want to make sure to list it, just in case you’ve missed it in the past. Denise is an absolutely awesome lady and this is her baby. She has thee best customer service of anyone I know. She bends over backwards to make sure that her customers have a pleasant experience and want to come back. If you are wanting details about where it’s located or when they are open, just click on the link above and I think your questions should be answered. This is a very special place, you never know when you walk through the door what you’ll find. It’s always a surprise. What isn’t a surprise, is how fair the prices are.
  • Downtown Fremont shops.

             Yankee Peddler West: Vince and Kerstin have a very well curated collection of unique things.

Lots of great mid-century modern furniture, huge book selection,

amazing collection of art and travel items. They find

truly unique things that you won’t necessarily find elsewhere.

I found one of my favorite art pieces at YPW.

I also found cool vintage square luggage, antlers, bookends, wire baskets, and a pink chair recently.

Uncle Sam’s Antiques

Uncle Sam’s is very special to me. Kurt and Connie are the owners and they are

also my landlords. My photography studio is right above them and I

feel blessed to be where I am, with their support. Here’s the thing I love about Kurt and Connie and

their shop: Fun, whimsy, nostalgia. Their Christmas window is the best in town, no contest!

They recreate The Christmas Story in their window every year and it is awesome!

So fun!

Park Avenue Antiques

If you are looking for wood furniture, this is your place. My sister in law has the most beautiful pieces from Park Ave.

They do an awesome job of restoring, refinishing and building. They are known for large, bold statement furniture.

They are also known for their wire outdoor art. They have a huge selection!

I love to take photos outside the shop because it is always interesting! Cindy, the manager,

will tease me about charging me for using their sets.

The Junction

I really  wanted to keep this one shop “my secret”. Even though tons of my friends go

there and have forever! But I have to come clean and tell you about this one.

It’s a bargain lover’s paradise. You can find great stuff for great prices. I always find a little something

there! I need to stop by today while I’m out running errands…I haven’t stopped by in a long time.

In posting my local favorites, I know I run the risk of forgetting something that I really adore…so if I go about

my day and realize I’ve missed something, there may be a part 2. I’ve been jotting down my thoughts on this

for months, so hopefully, I’ve included all my faves.

One more thing I have to say in regard to my fellow downtown shop owners: they

truly care about the customers and are genuinely helpful and kind. I am

so proud to be a part of this community.

  • Telebasta Estate Sales. Oh how it thrills me when I get a red flyer in the mail announcing an Estate Sale by Telebasta.  It’s rare for me to not find something that I need at their sales…and I think it’s in large part due to Norma’s styling. She has a gift for styling their sales so that you can really see things and see the potential. Very inspiring. They have a very distinct business rhythm that I find fascinating too…they have a team that have all been a part of this business for as long as I can remember and they work so well together and their customers trust them and know what to expect. LOVE that.Sea


  • Rescued Junk. This time I linked their FB page, so you can check that out too! Jamie, Donna, Tom and I went to our first Rescued Junk event in January. I was HOOKED! I can’t even articulate how awesome I think this place and everyone/thing associated with it is! I took tons of photos the first time, so here’s a little pictorial Such a charming place! They are opening a second shop in Des Moines in early June called Silo. Can’t wait to see more from them. I like to support good and talented people!

  • Farm Chicks This is right up there with my very favorite seasonal sales. If I could easily get things home from this one, it would absolutely be my favorite. It’s hard when you know you have to be able to take whatever you buy in your suitcase or pay to have it shipped. The whole experience is in Spokane is heavenly…from the accommodations at the Davenport Hotel, to the dining experiences: Anthony’s, Madeleine’s, Chaps and Clinkerdagger(sit on the patio), and beyond amazing vintage inspiration and shopping at the show. Can’t wait for June!
  • Father’s Day weekend in Walnut Iowa. Tom and I stumbled across this divine experience in 2001 and haven’t stopped going since! My kitchen island, bedroom dresser, bicycle on my front porch and many other  favorite, favorite decor were found at this sale. I would hate to miss it. It’s become an event for Tom and I along with Donna and Jamie.
  • Junk Bonanza  I had known about this seasonal sale for years before I actually attended. I think it’s among the best seasonal sales too. One thing I love about it, is that we can drive and take a pickup and trailer. Plus, we can stop at Ikea. My gray kitchen table on castors is from this Junk Bonanza, along with lots of other smaller treasures. We always find great stuff at this one.
  • Santa Monica Flea Market. I’ve only been to this classic once, but I would love to go back. I bought one of my favorite chairs at this sale and had it shipped to Nebraska. I paid as much for shipping as I did for the chair, but I have no regrets. I bought the chair right enough, that it was worth it. That’s the thing about shopping away from home and shipping, you have to buy things right. Then you can sometimes justify shipping.

There you have it, my top choices for thrifting and antiquing. This list doesn’t seem that comprehensive and yet it’s been in the making for a long time and took most of the day to finish up! I hope it’s helpful!

Check back tomorrow to see if you won one of the two giveaways!

God bless your day!

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  • April 25, 2012 - 4:39 am

    Kaitlyn - Love this post Becky! Thanks for leaking out all of your secret locations! Hoping to get to a few of these gems and back to Bonanza this fall. That was a fun trip. Are you going to Junk Jubilee in Des Moines this weekend?

  • April 25, 2012 - 9:41 am

    Jen Vogt - Oh my gravy, this post is my version of heaven! Love it!! I was just going to e-mail you the other day and ask for your favorite spots in Fremont for thrifting. So many of these pictures inspire me and make me want to open my store right now. Thank you for sharing!!

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