good times….

i was just looking through my file of our family’s summer photos, and i’m seeing that we really have done more than i thought we had. we’ve had some great times! my summer expectations are usually fairly high. i have projects and tons of things that i want to do, as well as people i want to spend time with and sometimes i am disappointed as i see the summer winding down. at least with the photos, i have visual proof that we have packed a lot of great summer living into life these past few weeks.

of course, we’ve spent lots of time in and by the pool. we are such outdoor, water people. i love our sundays. tom and i just plan to spend a few hours after church by the pool. it’s tradition. usually it’s family time, so we love that. i don’t bring my camera out much on these days. i hope i don’t regret that. i just want to live in the moment and not have my focus be on taking photos of the moment. so since there are only a handful of pool photos, i’ve already shared most of my faves. i will make a point of taking more on one of these last summer days. i do have horseback riding photos, hammock photos, harley photos and other assorted backyard type photos. here are some faves that i haven’t shared yet-


she was so proud! this picture pretty much sums up her enthusiasm. i love children’s uninhibited enthusiasm!



i love, love, love this shot.



 this one is already framed and up in our house!

another thing about summer, is that my house becomes way less priority than it is the rest of the year. i am too into being outside to spend much time fussing around in the house. i did however purchase a new piece of art for the house recently. my loft location is downtown, sandwiched between all these great antique stores, so i am faced with temptation every day as i walk past the windows. i have been pretty strong, but when i walked by this floral canvas, i could not stop thinking about it! i wanted it. it did to me exactly what art is supposed to do. it moved me. i wanted to look at it over and over. so after a couple of weeks, when my feelings hadn’t subsided, i bought it. i have no regrets!



i’ll probably take it out of the frame, but since i bought it without knowing exactly where it would go, i have decided to wait. i typically only buy pieces with a specific plan of how and where i’ll put them, but this piece was an exception. i think sometimes you just need to buy art without a reason or purpose or plan. just because of how it makes you feel. sort of contradictory to my normal mindset for purchases. i do love it and will figure out where it will go after the summer is over and i’m back inside. (other than at my computer).

so tomorrow, the plan is for me to leave for orlando. i’ll be going to CHA for the first time not working. i’m going with my girls-kelly and becca. so not only will it be fun to experience the show as a consumer, but i get to spend time with 2 of my favorite people! i’ve linked both of them so many times, that i feel like if you read my blog, you know them! we are making it a quick trip, so it will be a little crazy, but i know we’ll pack in all the things that are important to us! i can’t wait! i’ll post lots of photos when i get back. i hope it inspires me the way the shows normally do, only this time i can come home right away and get creative!

on a creative note, this article with one of my projects  just went up. after checking that out, if you click on the projects tab, you will find a project every day for the whole month of july. the fiskars website really has a wealth of great inspiration.

oh and one more thing that happened just this weekend. i had my class reunion. it was so great to see and reconnect with people! i’ve only kept in touch with a couple of people, so it was a real trip to see and hear about everyone’s lives. i was struck by the fact that almost all of us have had significant losses-parents, children, siblings and significant others. plus we have lost 2 classmates to death. it’s very sobering. it made me reflect on whether i’m really living life to the fullest? making the most of everyday. we hear the cliches all the time, but they really are true. i don’t want to waste time. i’m sure if our lost loved ones were here, they would encourage us to be intentional about our lives. it also makes me reflect on what happens after we die? i know what i believe (eternal life based on faith in Jesus), but what about others who don’t have any belief in the hereafter? thought provoking, right? most people go to class reunions and reminsce and laugh and let it go. i guess i’m wayyyy too analytical! anyway, i did reminsce and laugh a lot!


almost half of my graduating class. not a bad turnout!


the 5 of us have a history together. (there are 2 missing). we went to st paul’s lutheran school together…and even though it’s a parachial school and we were sheltered from certain things, we pulled some pretty naughty stunts together!

i am really proud of tom for this shot. i know these images have my watermark and tom actually took them…but i am being a little lazy!


we did have a great time! i think we all have a greater appreciation for each other as time passes! i know i do.

God bless you!

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  • July 27, 2009 - 1:39 pm

    Tina - Such fun photos. My class reunion is next weekend. I am sooo needing to go shopping 🙂 I love the last one that Tom took, the trees are amazing 🙂 Enjoy CHA, I’m not going and I am honestly only a little sad.

  • July 27, 2009 - 1:48 pm - what a great photo of jared and his fiance!

  • July 27, 2009 - 4:29 pm

    Cheyrl - Becky,
    First of all, you look like the YOUNGEST one in the group! Are you sure that was YOUR class? Whatever you are doing…keep it up! I knew we had so much in common – I went to parochial school at Bethany Lutheran and yes, we were good kids, but alway up to some kind of shenanigans! Thanks for sharing your pics!
    Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  • July 27, 2009 - 6:58 pm

    Shelley Haganman - Love the hammock photo! Love your work!

  • July 27, 2009 - 9:27 pm

    Carol - It was a fun evening…thanks for sharing the pictures!

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