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It kills me how quickly my baby clients go from the blog title of “baby photographer” to  “child photographer”! 

It truly does convince me that it’s important to document every milestone. 

Which brings up a point that I like to discuss from time to time here on the blog.

It’s so important to document the everyday with your family.

Iphone photos are definitely important.

As long as: they are not the only documentation of your family AND that you actually have some of them printed. 

I think it’s important to have BOTH iPhone AND professional photos.

I know many photographers feel like phone photos are ruining their business. 

Thankfully, I don’t feel that.

My schedule continues to fill up and my clients value the photos I take.

I am so grateful for that. 

Since I believe that it’s important to get the photos off the computer and into print, I don’t just sell digital files.

I offer both digital and hard copies.

I strongly encourage clients who purchase only the digital files to print them…sooner rather than later.

Wedding clients almost always opt for digital files, but often have me print a canvas and their wedding album.

So, please give this some thought…the days are passing quickly into years, and our loved ones are changing…both the young and old.

I know that the last thing any of us want is to have regrets. 

So my suggestion is:

*document your beautiful lives with everyday iPhone photos AND professional images

*print your photos

*make sure you are in some of the photos

Now I’ll step off my soapbox : ) 

So glad that these beautiful girls have parents who value photos and make it a priority to have photos taken regularly!

M18A9040 bw web

Thanks to my cousin Emma for this quote. 

She pinned a classic photo and in the description listed this quote by Calamity Jane.

M18A9054 web

I feel the need to have this image printed and displayed at the Loft!

M18A9066 webM18A9084 webM18A9100 bw webM18A9020 web

Love this girl! 

God bless you today!


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Integrating business and my personal life has worked out pretty well for me. 

Last year in one of the sessions I attended at WPPI, I heard a speaker share her story. 

She explained how she just naturally integrated her photography business with her real life.

I have always instinctively done this, so her story resounded with me, and even sort of confirmed that the way I do business is okay. 

I know one doesn’t always need validation to do what you know is right, but I have to admit that I breathed a sigh of relief to know that someone else had a philosophy similar to mine.

I don’t have a “business” page on FB. 

I incorporate my business and personal life on FB. 

I post iphone photos and professional photos. 

IG is my iPhone only place, where I very rarely share professional work.

We all have our own philosophies and reasons for doing what we do in business and our personal lives, I just think it’s good to know what works for you, and then own it.

I often mix business and pleasure. 

That’s not to say that I’m not professional. 

I often become good friends with my clients.

I think that happens because I put my real self and life on FB and my blog, so I tend to draw clients with similar values. 

Even if all we have in common are values, that’s a pretty strong connection.

The thing I do not do on FB is share my every emotion. 

Boundaries are important. 

Maturity doesn’t hurt either. 

AND, I do screw up and admit it. 

I’m an imperfect person, but I think acknowledging that is okay too, even in business.

I think for me, just letting people see a little of my heart, let’s them know that even if I do something to mess up, I’m always going to try to make it right. 

My heart is usually in the right place. 

Why am I sharing this?

No idea. No recent huge mess-ups or hidden messages.

Sometimes, I just feel compelled to share something at a deeper level…and not just sound like a broken record professionally.

I promised myself that I would always be sincere in my blog posts and never say/write anything that I don’t mean. 

Therefore, I’m spilling my gut today. 

Hey, WPPI is coming up really soon, I wonder what profound things I’ll hear this year! 

Stay tuned, I’m sure I will share at some point the answers to the questions of the universe WPPI style! 

The reason this thought came up today, I think has to do with the depth of feeling and connection that I feel to this family.

They are faithful and true clients, but Tashia has become a friend too. 

We don’t necessarily go to lunch or hang out…but I feel like we could.

When I photograph her girls, we never struggle for things to talk about, and text in between sessions. 

Ainsley’s 4 year session last weekend was so much fun. 

Big sister Macy even drew a picture of me on the chalkboard and wrote some really nice things! 

I need to take a photo of her artwork : ) 

It’s funny how you can have a family with three girls and each one is so unique…and yet, you can see similarities.

I would have never guessed that Ainsley would pick up on Macy’s love for modeling for the camera.

Ainsley has always been much more shy about voguing for the camera. 

Not this time.

M18A8633 webM18A8638 web

She’s 4! Who knows how to work the camera at 4 years old? 

The girls in this family do.

M18A8669 web

This is the very last image that I’ll share from this girly set-up.

NOW, I’m working on a very fun boy set-up that I hope to have ready Tuesday!

M18A8681 web

Very pinteresty, but I love it!

M18A8701 web

What a sweet face! 

God bless you today!



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How fast a year goes by!

Seriously, I feel like I just took her newborn photos. 

M18A8437 webM18A8422 bw webM18A8411 web

I only have one more session to share with this theme. 

Each one is unique and I love that!

M18A8456 webM18A8472 webM18A8493 bw web

These images make me so happy! 

I have to thank Jason/their dad. He suggested that Landon should lay on his tummy…he knew this would get Karsyn. 

I think they are looking more alike every time I see them.

M18A8570 web

I made this name banner for her newborn session, so we brought it out again for her one year session.
M18A8592 bw webM18A8620 webTippy Toes. 

God bless!

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