Those of you who know my cousin Marcy and knew her as a little girl will probably have a moment of deja vu when you see these images.

As I snapped the photos, I was aware, but as I edited, I was blown away!

PLUS, she likes to get dirty like Marc!

M18A6277 webM18A6343 webM18A6375 webM18A6322 webtwirl

She was a little shy at first, because I don’t see her that often, but once she warmed up, her funny, sweet little personality came out!

M18A6390 webM18A6424 webM18A6427 web

She has a rabbie too, like our Harper. 

That is instantly endearing to me!

M18A6435 webM18A6451 web

Thank God they live in the country, so she can play and explore to her heart’s content!

God bless you and yours!

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My gift to parents of newborns at my church is a photo session.

I love everything about newborns.

The way they smell,

the miracle of tiny toes,

their perfect unique features,

the dynamic they bring to a family,

the way they fit when snuggled up,

the wrinkles,

the grunts,

the innocent way they cry,

and every other little thing. 

Photographing them is the best.

They are perfect.

This is Bradley.

M18A6193 webM18A6189 webM18A6198 webM18A6201 web

M18A6146 webM18A6162 webM18A6165 webM18A6180 web

M18A6217 webM18A6242 webM18A6245 webM18A6102 web

and his lashes.

M18A6249 web

LOVE that my life and profession are integrated and flow together so seamlessly!

God bless!

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Hope and I go way back. 

I knew her when she was just a kid.

There is so much I could say about her, but I’m pretty sure I’d embarrass her and myself.

So suffice it to say, she has grown into an awesome adult and she’s accomplished so much. 

On a sidenote, Hope is a nurse and she is among a great group of nurses who are brides I’ve photographed. 

I just refigured the percentage of brides who are nurses/PAs/doctors and it’s at 30%. 

I was surprised to see that another 25% of my couples are teachers. 

I don’t know what this signifies, if anything, but I am thankful!

Christian and Hope have a great love story. 

He is a sheriff deputy and they met when Christian stopped Hope for a traffic violation…the rest is history.

I didn’t know that actually happened in real life. 

Just in Bridesmaids : ) 

So, Christian and Hope are all hitched and living out their happily ever after.

M18A4617 webM18A4654 webblog board

M18A4800 webM18A4835 webM18A4855 webM18A4865 webM18A4874 webM18A4876 webM18A4893 webM18A4917 webM18A4924 webM18A4941 webM18A4950 webM18A4959 webM18A4974 webM18A5090 webM18A5288 webM18A5346 web

Can you even handle this? I can’t stop smiling when I look at this photo.

M18A5326 webM18A5393 webM18A5441 bw web

Look who is watching.M18A5487 web

lip synch

If you knew these girls, you would be dying laughing right now. Even not knowing them, I’m pretty sure the humor comes through!

M18A5568 web

Love this shot, photobomber and all! 

M18A5620 web

Saturday Night Fever with Kathy and Kandy!

It was a fun day and Hope did such an amazing job with every little detail!

God bless!

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