I have a super pretty and talented backyard neighbor who I got to photograph last week.

I can’t say enough about this girl and her stunning beauty.

Can you believe she did her own makeup? I was shocked when she told me she had done it, I thought for sure it was a professional job.

One of the last photos. 

We waited for the sun to get in the perfect spot.

I hope the sun shines perfectly on you today!





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I want to share a few peeks from a recent family session.

Barrett is my eye doc, and I have to tell you that I am super thankful for him.

A couple of years ago, I had a really serious eye infection, and this is no joke for anyone, but when you are a photographer, eyes are pretty much everything.

It was so bad that I was honestly getting scared it would never get better.

When my eye didn’t respond to treatment, Barrett gave me his cell number and kept in touch with me each step of the way back to healing.

I could give you more details about his stellar care, but I won’t bore you with all of that, I just want to say, if you need an eye doc who truly cares, check out 

Schmidt Eye Care

He’s a good family man too.

I love to support local businesses, but only when I really believe in them!

When I endorse local docs, shops and businesses, trust me! LOL.

God bless!


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I am so thankful for my clients.

The reason I started taking photos was because I knew what kind of photos I wanted to take and print of my loved ones, and at the time I couldn’t find anyone who was a good fit for what I wanted. 

I also wanted to use photos in a big way in my home, so it was important to me to have photos that worked as art.

I started my photography business because as my family and friends saw my photos, they asked me to take their photos.

And it just grew from there, and I have basically built it on word of mouth and social media exposure.

One of the most satisfying aspects of my job is creating photos and then helping my clients use the photos as art in their homes…and then seeing the photos I’ve taken in their homes.

Sometimes I see their social media photo posts of their homes either as the highlight or background with their photos on the walls or desktops, and it is the best feeling!

I am blessed to have the BEST people to photograph!

I feel like a broken record speaking of how amazing my clients are, and how well they do with choosing outfits and loving each other in a way that photographs authentically…but it’s really the truth!

God bless!


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